We are caretakers.
We gather ideas, plans, strategies and build brands.


It has been rightly said "Winners don't do different things, they do things differently and we are able to follow this winning statement because our people perform their task differently. Chandan Advertising is a full service ad agency. We have talent and ability to not only produce exceptional & effective creative strategy, but also advise clients on the diversified mediums of advertising, branding and marketing strategies as well. We combine creativity with intelligence, as creativity is an essential resource to survive in the market. The focus areas include advertising, direct marketing with cost effectiveness, rapid delivery and relationship building approach and public relations activities for our clients.

Our Values


We at Chandan Advertising are continuously striving for synergy between Expertise, Technology and human ability to provide product and services that meet the quality, presentation and price aspirations of our clientele.

Our Motto- Your Satisfaction
Our Principle- Your Need
Our Motivation- Your Smile
Our Goal - Your Profit


We believe in long term gains of our clients with the vision of growth with honesty. We do not believe in short term appreciation but long term achievement s and so our VISION STATEMENT...

Where the VISION is one year, CULTIVATE FLOWERS.
Where the VISION is 10 years, CULTIVATE TREES.
Where the VISION is eternity, we CULTIVATE PEOPLE.